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3 Ways to Sell Your Items

Auction Concierge

For precious, high-value items that would benefit from a broad international audience, we work with some of the most prominent auction houses in the country.

Consignment Store

Items from your home that are currently in style, are superior quality, and have broad appeal can be sold through Perfectpiece Consignments in Manchester Village, VT.

Online Auction

For items that aren't suitable for a high-profile auction house or our consignment gallery, we've created a quick way to liquidate them for you via a 7-day Online Auction.

Liquidating in 3 Steps


Call us to set up an in-home evaluation or drop by our consignment gallery with items you would like to sell. We may ask you to send pictures of some of the items before arranging an appiontment.


To sell your items, we utlize a unique combination of 3 sales channels customized to your needs. We have the ability to sell your items on-site at your home or at an off-site location.


We issue monthly settlement checks with an itemized list of the items sold during the preceeding month. Settlements are mailed to your mailing address.
It's that easy!

Working With Us

We recognize the need for customized solutions when it comes to liquidating an estate. We can help you sell an entire estate or just a few items using our unique approach.

  • Transparency throughout the service
  • Informed decision making backed by exclusive data
  • Accurate record keeping with state of the art technology
  • Speedy settlement with monthly statements
  • Attract a broad audience